Excerpt from SOMBODY KILLED MOM, a podcast from Rebecca Mlinek

Starring Emily as Abi Hirshon. Available on iTunes, Google podcasts, Spotify, and somebodykilledmom.com from March 2020

Narrations reel - Emily Gilson
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Excerpt from DOUBLE DERBY DESSERTS, a podcast from Meet Cute

Starring Emily as Alice and Pete Capella as Colin. Available on iTunes and meetcute.simplecast.com from May 2020

Commercial reel - Emily Gilson
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time to live cover.jpg
Audiobook Excerpt: Time to Live - Emily H. Gilson
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Tempest - Harpy Speech - Emily H. Gilson
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Ariel's Harpy Speech, from THE TEMPEST

Used in WSC Avant Bard's 2018 production; sound design + original music (c) Andrew Bellware, NYC

Hywel: Earthkiller episode 4 - Pandora Machine
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Excerpts from EARTHKILLER, a podcast from Pandora Machine

Ft. Emily as PFC Hywel, episodes 4, "Seven Soldiers, Seven Guns", and 5 (TBA). Available on Podbean, iTunes, last.fm, and podcast.theearthkiller.com from March 2019

Other samples available upon request. Able to record in home studio.

Baltimore County Public Library: Be All In Summer Reading Challenge Kickoff - Commercial Narrator; Library Video Network, May 2019