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Photo Call: Rehearsals for "The Mollusc" at Quotidian Theatre Company

Rehearsals for The Mollusc at Quotidian Theatre Company are in full swing! Photographer Steve LaRocque captured these behind the scenes shots of our full company last night - check them out here!

The Mollusc is directed by QTC co-founder Jack Sbarbori and runs July 12 - August 4, 2019 at The Writers' Center in Bethesda.


Tom Kemp (Brendan Murray) and Miss Roberts (Emily H. Gilson)

Duclie Baxter (The Mollusc) (Marnie Kanarek), Richard Baxter (Craig Houk), and Miss Roberts (Emily H. Gilson)

Emily H. Gilson and director Jack Sbarbori

Miss Roberts) Emily H. Gilson and Dulcie (Marnie Kanarek)

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