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Trippingly on the tongue

I always think I know what I'm doing and then I get back into a classroom.

Guess what: we never know what we're doing.

I'm so grateful for the few hours spent doing some monologue tweaking on one of my favorite Shakespeare pieces with George Grant tonight at a classical workshop. It's been a couple of years since I've been in class and it was great to be working one-on-one again, even just briefly. Such an important reminder that the choices we're comfortable with don't always work for us, and that we never see our own work objectively. I'm definitely going to take a step back and fine-tune all my classical and Shakespearean pieces throughout this year!

In other language-y news, later next week, on Monday, I'll be recording some voiceover for THE FERBERIZING OF CORAL, another of the six 10-minute plays in Secrets and Sound for Source, and also directed by my I DON'T KNOW director Anne Donnelly. I'm so thrilled to be involved in both of these pieces!

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