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Actor Math!

I'm currently sitting at work after a month of more callbacks than I've ever been called in for, including a second one to one particular company, with a stack of audition tracking sheets next to me about 4 millimeters thick. Thank God for these - they're impossibly more helpful than I ever imagined. My level of anxiety about hearing a "no" has lowered pretty heavily this year simply due to the knowledge that I have these lists and I can go back and check myself and look for patterns.

Namely, that I wear a lot of black. I guess we get conditioned to think black=neutral.

Over the course of this month I've found that in spite of not booking, which is obviously disappointing, my numbers are actually pretty good. Every chance to come in again and play is a chance I jump at, because it's all work and practice.

They say sometimes the timing just isn't right for certain things. I've done a lot of soul-searching over the last several weeks, and decided that for now, I more or less am okay with where I am. I'm still open for commercial work, my schedule is about to lighten for about five weeks, and I finally finished compiling a giant stack of stuff to work on with for voiceover work - also something I hope to enter into this year.

So I move forward into spring with the knowledge that I'm at about 1:3.6, or 27-ish% in terms of getting called back (many of them for new companies I've never seen before), and there's some solid long-term goals to keep chiseling away at. I don't want to lose whatever this new momentum is that I have.

And more light helps, too. :)

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