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Welcome to 2016. A new year, a new outlook, a new blog, and for me, some new perspective.

I ended 2015 with some pretty big changes to my day job that have limited my availability for a while. While I hope this is temporary, I've finally been able to take stock of some of the other work I had been talking about doing. I think I actually feel more disclipined. I've finally been able to get work started on putting a voiceover demo together, and I've had some coaching, and have been keeping busy rehearsing copy.

What's most exciting is how much reading I'm able to get done now - it's been far too long since I actively read anything (other than plays) for pleasure. It's a nice feeling. On the acting side of that, self-help books abound: I finished the late Michael Shurtleff's Audition in January (make this your bible, actors), and am a new follower of Self-Management for Actors by Bonnie Gillespie.

And of course, audition season's in full swing right now, so there's no shortage of activty. Lots of videos and lots of driving! A couple of callbacks came in at the beginning of February, and though there's no news yet, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to get in those rooms a second time and see what I'm capable of.

Here's to a fruitful and successful 2016 - however we each define it.

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