Debut day! It's extremely slow in my other life right now, which is absolutely phenomenal for kicking off spring. And I am 1000% taking advantage of all this new time. 


This past Saturday I had an absolute BALL joining Team Dniym for my first 48 Hour Film project. Quite literally - genres were assigned Friday, we met for the first time and shot for about 12.5 hours, and it was submitted on Sunday. So really it was more like 30 hours. MAR. A. THON...


I'm currently sitting at work after a month of more callbacks than I've ever been called in for, including a second one to one particular company, with a stack of audition tracking sheets next to me about 4 millimeters thick. Thank God for these - they're impossibly more helpful than I ever imagined. My level of anxiety about hearing a "no" has lowered pretty heavily this year simply due to the knowledge that I have these lists and I can go back...


Every so often, I have to stop and remember that it's okay to slow down, it's okay to step back. There's always something to be grateful for.


I'm grateful for the girl who walked beside me when a disturbed homeless man started following me down the street and shouting at me on my way to an audition this afternoon, and that she stayed next to me until I ducked into a shop. Immensely grateful.


I'm grateful for any time I go to an equity call as a n...


Welcome to 2016. A new year, a new outlook, a new blog, and for me, some new perspective.


I ended 2015 with some pretty big changes to my day job that have limited my availability for a while. While I hope this is temporary, I've finally been able to take stock of some of the other work I had been talking about doing. I think I actually feel more disclipined. I've finally been able to get work started on putting a voiceover demo together, and I'v...

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